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1/2 day (3 hours) $250 (minimum: 8 students)
Full Day (6 hours) $500  (minimum: 8 students)

Patterns / handouts included in cost unless otherwise noted.


3 Hour Classes

Quilt Design by the seat of your pants
Quilt blocks of different sizes? Tired of the same old straight sets for your quilt blocks? Tired of trying to make your blocks fit the measurements of the quilt layouts included in the pattern. Ready to try something new? Some­thing different? Something original? This class takes you through several different block settings and quilt layouts and gives you the road map to create your own, very original layouts. Skill level: All Supplies: BSS, 12 – 10 inch squares of muslin, note taking materials.


Becoming a Quilt Doctor
Do you have the desire to “rescue and render aid” to damaged quilts? Is there a point where you must stop all life support? Learn basic quilt repair techniques as you work on a “practice” project in class. Proper tools, techniques and the ethics of quilt repair will be covered, as well as some “tricks of the trade. Skill level: intermediate Supplies: Kit Fee: $10.00. BSS, sharp embroidery scissors, appliqué or straw needles.

Bird Songs

(12 x 18 inches)

Use color saturated wool to make these birds sing!

Choose your favorite colors of die cut birds and let them sing.

This project is done completely by hand and all materials are furnished in the kit.

(just bring a pair of scissors and a thimble.)

 Choose from several songs to create a small wall hanging.

 Kit: $20

Forest 4 the Trees

18” x 36”


Create a colorful forest with no sewing!

This fused wall hanging goes together quickly and with no stress!

 You supply the fabrics (batiks are recommended), BSS including

rotary cutter and paper scissors (the good sharp ones!) 

Fusible is supplied with the pattern.


Skinny Santa

12 x 30 inches

Pieced and Appliqued

Level: * ½


Need a quick Christmas decoration?

Skinny Santa goes together in a snap and the wool applique can be

done on the machine.

Kit: $25


Floating Wool

Recreate a traditional pieced block with a new look by using wool and make the patttern float

on the background. Choose from a black or white flannel background and wool in bright jewel

tones or soft spring hues.

Kit: $25

6 Hour Classes

Coloring Book Quilt History 
Get out your crayons and color your way through quilt history! A look at quilt styles and fabrics from the early 1800’s to the present time. Particular attention is given to the colors used in each time period and how those colors changed and how they can be used to help date the fabrics. The techniques used in making quilts are discussed, as well as the historical factors. Quilts, tops and blocks representing each time period are shown. Handouts provided.

Supplies: Note taking materials—no pens, a large box of Crayola Crayons is very helpful but not necessary (crayons may be shared). Participants are encouraged to bring their own quilts for dating purposes.


Quilt History: From Fabric to Quilt, From Then to Now (6 hours or 12 hours)
Learn as you see fabrics and quilts from the early 1800s to the 1940s. Learn to recognize colors, techniques and quilting styles that will help you to place fabrics and quilts in the right time period. Emphasis in this class will be on seeing and touching the fabrics, quilt blocks, tops and quilts. This will be a hands-on approach to studying quilt history. Cameras are welcome.
Booklet will be provided with a breakdown of colors, fabrics, technology and styles. Skill level: all. Supplies: Note taking materials, pencils only. Cameras are welcome.

Kool-Aid and Cookies

18 x 24 inches


Mess free fabric dying!


Remember enjoying a glass of Kool-Aid and a cookie? Now you can design your

own fabric and decorate it to create a one-of-a-kind wool wall hanging or pillow!

Yes! You can quickly create your own wool background fabric using Kool-Aid!

The kit comes with everything you need – and you can choose the size of colors

of your cookies (wool circles) in class.


Kit: $50 (Students will be able to customize their kit during the class by selecting

their choice of kool-Aid and wool colors)


14" x 18"

Learn this fun new / old technique to create a colorful and dynamic appliqué! Pattern includes

quilt sizes from wallhanging to king size. The wallhanging (14" x 18") is taught in class.

Pattern Fee: $5

Broderie Perse - 21st Century Style

A look back at one of the earliest quilt styles - its history and reasons for existence. A look forward

at how to utilize this style to create quilts that range from very traditional looking to very modern

- to quite humorous.

A great project for those large scale prints you love too much to cut up! Skill level: All.


Graphic Jack

30 x 30 inches (class project)

A traditional pattern with great optics! Yardage information is provided 

for those who wish to continue on to a larger quilt!

Circus Animals

68” x 91” Appliqué

Level: **

So cute!! Make your own version of this antique quilt. Can be made

as wallhanging or large quilt.

The wallhanging below (28” x 28”) is taught in class.

Kansas City Stars

78” x 97”

Pieced Level: *

 A tribute to the patterns published by the Kansas City Stars from days past.

We will make at least 4 blocks during the class. This quilt goes together quickly!

Flock of Wool

24 x 24 inches

Applique (hand or machine)

Level: * ½


The early bird catches the wool! Using hand-dyed wools from Wooly Lady, stitch fun folk art

birds and create your own wooly flock. A scalloped border adds just the right touch.

Although this is a kit, flexibility in your color combinations will create one of a kind birds.

Beads and embroidery give your birds a personal touch.

Kit required - $50

Hibiscus Splash

18 x 18 inches

Applique (hand or machine)

Level: * ½


Do you think wool is just a cold weather fabric? Not so! Create your own

rendition  of this hot weather-loving flower and add beads to create sparkle

in your garden.  Choose from two colorways: A. Cool Tropix (blue opal,

grasshopper, mango melon,  fuchsia and sunflower) or B. Bright Hot Summer

(lapis, spring green, Christmas red,  jack-o-lantern, and lilac bush)

(Can be made into a great pillow)

Kit required: $50

Wimmen’s Work

50” x 60” to 72” x 92”


Level: *

Patterns celebrating women’s life from earlier, but not really simpler days.

We will make at least 4 blocks during the class.

broderie perse examples 004_edited.jpg


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