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I love quilts. I love quilts so much I think I may have a serious problem. I love old quilts. I love new quilts. I love tops and blocks and fabric that could make a quilt. I love traditional quilts and quirky quilts and art quilts. Pieced, appliquéd, wholecloth, hand quilted, machine quilted – you name it, I love it.


I wish I had time to make all the quilts in my head. I don’t even have time to finish all the ones I currently have started!

I also wish I could own all the wonderful antique quilts out there. I can’t possibly do that – although once upon a time before I understood the depth of the quilt world I did think I might be able to buy all the antique quilts in the world. Ha! That’s a whole other story . . .


I live a very fun, crazy life doing too many activities, starting too many projects and getting sidetracked. I like to travel, which adds to the chaos of my world. I have a patient husband who has put up with me for a long time.


I live in the country, therefore I have animals. Most have just strayed up and become part of our family. It all seems to just work out.


I have kids and grandkids and they (like yours I am sure) are wonderful.


Years ago, I described my world as follows:

My life is a circus and I live in a zoo.


I don’t see that much has changed since I made that statement!


Welcome to my website.

Check out the info here about quilts and my services.

Check out the current quilt.

Have fun and come back often.

About LE Quilts

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