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I have been judging quilt shows for over 20 years. The shows have ranged from very small local shows such as the Grayson County Fair to larger shows such as the Trinity Valley Quilt Show in Fort Worth, Texas. I have also judged for Red River Quilters Quilt Show in Shreveport, Louisiana and Maine Quilts in Augusta, Maine. A more extensive listing of my judging history is available upon request.


My philosophy on judging quilt shows is as follows:

  • You start with a pre-determined set of criteria.

  • You look at each quilt independently of the others.

  • You examine the quilt in relation to the criteria.

  • You score the quilt based on the criteria.

  •  You remain objective.


My philosophy is based on my experiences with appraising quilts and also with my experience in 20 plus years as a speech instructor as well as a speech, drama and debate judge. You must remain objective and score each competitor on their own merits based on the set criteria. My feeling about a speech or debate topic (or style or color of quilt) must not interfere with the scoring of the criteria.


I have used a variety of forms for judging and am comfortable with most of them. If you have questions about the type of form to use, I would be glad to give my input.

Please contact me for availability and fees. Yes – I will travel. Yes I can also stay and do appraisals, classes or lectures at your show.


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