I use quilts and tops in all of my lectures. No slides or Powerpoint! Just real fabric!

Length of all programs: 45—60 minutes.

My Grandmother Made Me a Quilt

Grandmothers have been making quilts for a very long time! Join Lisa in this visual feast showing quilts from her collection covering over 150 years to hear the stories of some very special antique quilts made by loving grandmothers for that special grandchild.

Star Light, Star Bright, Stars Upon My Bed Tonight

Stars grace some of our oldest quilts in either quilting, piecing or applique. This trunk show takes us across time to see how our expression of stars in quilts has changed in the last 200 years – or has it?

Keeping A Remembrance

Quilts have long been used to create and preserve memories. Some of these quilts: Friendship quilts, signature quilts, and presentation quilts add the written word to fabric and in the process, preserve a moment in time. This program examines name-inscribed quilts

from the 1840s to the 21st century. Who made this quilt and why? Some of the quilts give us an answer while some remain silent and mysterious.


Quilt Police? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Quilt Police!

Who makes the rules? Are you afraid of breaking the rules? We look at some of the most common rules” and take a bold stand for the lawbreakers! We may even design a quilt in the process . . .


The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly Was a Quilter . . .

You remember the nursery rhyme, There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I dont know why . . .” This lecture showcases quilts that beg the question WHY?” From beautiful to creative to just odd, we celebrate those quiltmakers who work outside the box.


Anatomy of a Quilt Appraisal

What happens in a quilt appraisal? What are the thoughts of the appraiser and what do some of those questions mean? How does an appraiser handle a challenging quilt (or a challenging client)? This informative and sometimes humorous lecture looks inside a quilt appraisal for the answers.


Thanks Eli, Isaac and Tom

A fast paced look at the 19th century in the United States. Quiltmakers did not live in a vacuum and the improvements and inventions developed during the 19th century influenced everything from thread to fabric colors to how much time women had to create. View quilts from the early 1800s through the turn of the 20th century during this program.


Quilt History  The Fabric of Time

A look at quilt styles and fabrics from the early 1800s to the present time. The techniques used in making quilts are discussed, as well as the historical factors. Quilts, tops and blocks representing each time period are shown.


Orphan Quilts – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (subtitled Bless Her Heart)

A humorous look at some of the results of our quilting ancestors. How did some scrap quilts come out looking so great and others come out looking so horrible. Design elements as well as hue and color value are discussed.


Northern Lady or Southern Belle?

There was more than just the Mason-Dixon Line that divided the North and South. This program compares and contrasts quilts from the 19th century in design, style and fabric to examine the regional differences of our quilting ancestors.


Wandering Feet and Broken Needles:

Myths and Superstitions of Quilting

What can happen if you start a quilt on a Friday? Should you avoid making certain quilts for your sweetheart? Is there a certain quilt pattern that could spell doom for you? And what does happen if you break a needle? This program takes a look at some of the myths and superstitions in quilting from the past and the present.


Wearing Grannies Panties

Feedsacks, Flour sacks, cotton sacks – no matter what you call them – these textile bags had a huge impact on the lives of those living in the first half of the 20th century. This program is a trunk show of feedsacks and feedsack quilts with the history and many uses of feedsacks presented.


They Spoke With Their Needles

In the days before women were encouraged to take an active part in the world outside of their homes, you might be surprised at the opinions they chose to express. A look at statements, both political and social, made by women of the past with their quilts. An excellent program during womencelebrations.


Making Your Best Quilt

What does a judge see when they look at a quilt? How does an appraiser determine the value of your quilt? This lecture examines the features a judge may look for in choosing a winning quilt as well as the qualities of a quilt that may increase or decrease the appraised value. More importantly, we will talk the simple things you can do to improve your skills.







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